Nowadays their home is William’s personal lab for interior experiments.  “I’m very grateful that Liene tolerates my process of trial and error,” he says, “as sometimes it takes a while before I have figured out how to turn my ideas into reality.”  “I actually love his approach” Liene jumps in.  “Because he’s not a traditionally trained craftsman, he’s got a fresh eye on the matter and often comes up with original solutions.”  For example, William didn’t know how to construct drawers, so he simply invented his very own system for their kitchen, which works flawlessly.  That kitchen is a perfect example of the couple – and Wøti’s – style.  “I try to go back to the essence of a material by using the right material at the right place and combine aesthetics with functionality.  The black mdf I used in the kitchen for example, is also black on the inside, which means you’ll hardly notice when there are cuts or scratches on the surface.”  The slats are an aesthetic choice on the one hand, but on the other hand also serve as door handles while simultaneously hiding the cupboards and washing machine from the eye and from baby Sézane’s curious hands.