“Tickets were booked, reservations were made and a few months later I found myself and my sister on a Canarian bus, heading into the mountains.  By the time we arrived at our destination Acusa Seca, it was pitch black and we had no idea what we’d gotten ourselves into.  We ended up in a tiny village of caves, dating back to 6th century Berbers, connected by small pathways and narrow staircases, that led us to dead-ends more than once.  After a while, we discovered our very own cave house, treated ourselves to a long overdue meal and went to bed.

We set our alarms early in the morning to catch the sunrise and boy, was it worth it.  Opening the doors of our cave house and discovering the view from our temporary home was absolutely breathtaking.  We spent our time hiking in the area and soaking up the sun whilst enjoying our amazing view and indulging in the interesting reads we found in the cave.”